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After years of going to church, following the rules, and trying to replicate the faith of their parents, pastors and the church, Ryan and Josh Shook realized something was fading fast in their souls. Firsthand is the disclosure of how they found faith on their own.
It’s a raw and honest confession that will challenge your students, young adults and church to start making their walk with God personal.

the FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE Challenge kit includes all
the resources you need for a transformational
season IN your CHURCH and student ministry.

Ryan Shook

Ryan Shook is a filmmaker and blogger. A graduate of Baylor University, he is married to Sarah, and they live in Los Angeles, California.


Joel Olsteen
"Firsthand: Ditching Second Hand Religion for a Faith of Your Own will not only help you to understand the difference between religion and faith, but will show you, firsthand, how to develop a faith that is inseparable from yourself. I recommend that you read it and take it to heart."
Joel Olsteen
"Every Christian parent wants their children to develop a faith of their own.  Firsthand asks tough questions and guides those with a second-hand faith to find Christ for themselves."
Craig Groeschel / pastor of LifeChurch.tv, bestselling author
Pete Wilson
"Ryan and Josh Shook don't shy away from the tough questions, but face them head on, in this powerful book that will encourage young adults to not settle for an inherited faith, but to discover a true relationship with Jesus that is unique, exciting, and every bit your own."
Pete Wilson / pastor of Cross Point Church, bestselling author
Jud Whilhite
"Firsthand is a rich and insightful book for believers who are tired of second-hand religion. Honest, compelling and well-written, Ryan Shook and Josh Shook have given us a huge gift! Their candor is so refreshing, and they point to the way to a vibrant, personal faith. This could be one of the most important books you'll ever read."
Jud Wilhite / pastor of Central Christian Church
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